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The last few weeks have been very busy tracking down those straggling invoices that are still out, prepping for the beginning of 2016 and wrapping up the final assignments for the year.  So, I was really happy to end the year on a high note when I headed over to the west side of Chicago to work with my client Oak Street Health.

Looking to create new photos to refresh their website and print collateral, we had scouted out the location the week prior and working with Amanda, were able to pull together a shot list of must-have photos including portraits and lifestyle images that we would be working on throughout the day along with a schedule that we would try to stick with.

Getting close to our shoot date, Oak Street was having a tough time pulling in all of the clients that we would need to participate in our shoot and were close to pushing for a reschedule but chose to just wing it at the last minute.  And it worked.  Normally, we would try to plan down to the minute but this fly by the seat of our pants situation we were in turned out to be incredibly productive and a ton of fun.

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The staff at this facility were an absolute pleasure to work with and the clients that they serve were so accommodating with their time and willingness to help out.  A big shout out to Whitney, my trusted Assistant and to Amanda and Caroline for making the day a great end to 2015!

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