A few months ago, I received a call from the lead Photographer at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum based in Washington D.C. as they were looking to meet with event shooters in the area who would be able to jump in to cover their traveling exhibits that come through the city.  After meeting in person downtown for a few hours and going over the logistics, how we cover events in general and the best way to cover these events in particular, I received the go-ahead to work with the museum on a new exhibit that is currently on display at The Field Museum in Chicago.

I was both humbled and thrilled to be capturing an event that is so historically appalling and equally compelling.  “The State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda”  was incredibly well done, from the design to the content which includes artifacts such as Hitler’s Mein Kampf which was given to newlyweds so they too would adopt the Nazi objective.  In addition, the exhibit displayed a wealth of  imagery, sculpture, video and  the cutting edge technology of that era which was used to perpetuate the Nazi Parties’ destructive message.

After a lifetime of of experiences, Margit decided (with the coaxing of her children) to document her experiences during the Holocaust.  In Margit’s Story, she writes “More than anything else, I wanted visitors, especially the young ones, the future leaders, to recognize that genocide was still occurring around the world, and that we all had the responsibility in trying to prevent it.  ‘Never Again’ was not to remain an empty slogan.”

For more information on this fascinating exhibit, as well as Margit Meissners’ work with  The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, visit www.ushmm.org.