Your business is your livelihood and so much more, so being meticulous about your choice in a commercial or editorial photographer is a necessity. You trust someone to help you create your brand, so you definitely want someone confident and experienced.

When you interview a potential photographer for your corporate or commercial photography, you can learn a lot by asking just a few questions. Help yourself out by browsing through the tips below, before you select your photographer.

  • Browse through his or her portfolio, even if they’re well-known or highly-recommended. You must be sure you like their shooting style before moving further.
  • If you like what you see, set up a portfolio showing, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Observe his or her behavior, is your potential photographer’s attitude professional?
  • Ask if your photographer has previously shot an assignment similar to the one you requested. Hiring a general photographer isn’t a bad thing, especially since some are versatile and quite talented. However, when it comes to commercial photography, you want to look for someone who specializes in this field, as there are many things to consider with each shot.
  • Notice the photographer’s plan; see if he or she asks the right questions. These questions will show whether or not your photographer is prepared for your session and requests. It shouldn’t be a one-way interview. Your photographer should ask you a myriad of questions as well.
  • Pay attention to your photographer’s priority. Some photographers may address  concerns by saying “we can fix that during post-processing”. While post-processing does touch up and fix some photos, nothing replaces a perfect shot in the perfect location done right in the camera.
  • Ask about his or her backup plan. Every seasoned photographer will have back-up equipment in the case of camera failure and other technical issues.
  • Do your research! Read reviews and ask previous clients if they were satisfied with your photographer’s work.