These days, it’s critical to have an awesome portrait that reflects confidence.  With social media sites like Twitter and Facebook as well as LinkedIn and company websites, the online profile essentially replaces the business card.  We have one chance in the digital world to make a fantastic, first impression and having a professional and approachable corporate portrait is a great start.     


Here is where I select the photographs from our session that not only reflect my best work but prove to be your most authentic images.  The shots that are deleted will include duplicate or near-duplicate images, photos that do not reflect positively on the individuals featured, unflattering photographs and those shots that fail to measure up to my criterion for quality.

Once the initial edit is completed, basic corrections are applied to every photo.  This includes correcting and enhancing the color, contrast, exposure and applying a crop if needed.  This process in itself seriously enhances the images but we bring it to the next level with retouching.
After the images are processed with the basic corrections, each photo undergoes a retouching process.  Most images will not require each possible adjustment however here are a few steps that are normally involved in portrait retouching.
• Any dust spots from the camera’s sensor are removed.
• Areas in the photo that are too bright are toned down significantly and shadows are enhanced.
• Lint on clothing is removed.
• Skin blemishes are removed or lightened.  This includes pimples, dry skin flakes, discoloration from sun damage and minor scars.
• Shiny patches of skin which normally appear on the nose, forehead, chin and cheek bones are minimized.
• Overly porous skin is smoothened.
• Under eye bags are lightened.
• Wrinkles are toned down.
• Eye are whitened, brightened and sharpened.
• Irises are brightened and saturated.
• Discolored teeth are whitened and cleaned.
• Small flyaway hairs are removed.
• Visible nose, ear and unwanted facial hair are removed.
Though I prefer to apply more natural retouching methods, there are cases when my subjects would like a bit more retouching.  As these advanced options are time intensive, additional fees may apply.  A few of the possibilities include:
• Modifying the facial features.  This includes adjusting the shape and size of the eyes, nose, lips, cheeks and ears.
• Significantly changing the body structure such as thinning the torso and lengthening the neck.
• Replacing hair due to balding.
• Reshaping facial hair such as beards, mustaches and eye brows.
• Removal of excessive fly-away hairs.
• Digitally adding or removing make-up.
• Changing the backdrop color.

As seen in the samples below, the changes simply enhance the image as opposed to completely changing it except of course in the last example where the background color was modified to match the subjects’ suit jacket.  The retouching for corporate headshots and environmental portraits that I apply are for the purpose of making each subject look their best so I do stay away from making drastic revisions that we see so much of these days.  Simple fixes make us look like our genuine and best selves.

Keep in mind also that although there are plenty of fixes that post-production can provide, there are also a few simple things you can do to look your best for your corporate headshot or environmental portrait as well and you can find these recommendations here.

  • Before-Skin Smoothing & Teeth Whitening
    After-Skin Smoothing & Teeth Whitening
    Before Skin Smoothing & Teeth Whitening After
  • Before-
    Before After
  • Before-Whiten Eyes & Remove Shine
    After-Whiten Eyes & Remove Shine
    Before Whiten Eyes & Remove Shine After
  • Before-
    Before After