In this digital age of LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, it’s critical that your online profile conveys professionalism and approachability.  Your photo is the best way to make a fantastic first impression.  To look your best for your corporate headshot or environmental portrait, check out these recommendations.

• Layers are always the best bet.  For example: a jacket or sport coat over a polo or a sweater over a tank.
• Avoid wearing all white unless it is worn with a suit jacket or sweater on top as it tends to loose detail.
• Bring your outfit with you and change into it just before your session to avoid wrinkles.
• If wearing a polo, consider the wrinkle free options, they work wonders.
• Go with outfits that do not have excessive patterns, bold stripes or logos.  Solid colors are the best bet.
• Treat yourself.  Fabrics fade.  Consider a new outfit for your session.
• Watch the neckline.  V-necks are great and accentuate your features but avoid going too low.
• Avoid bare arms as this can be distracting and often takes attention away from your face.
• Gentlemen, to help with sweating, wear an undershirt that isn’t visible at your neckline.
• Remove everything from your pockets such as wallets, keys, phones, make-up as they can be visible in photos.
• If you’re having a corporate headshot done against a backdrop, you’ll want to know what color the backdrop will be so you can plan for contrast.  
  For example, if the photographer is using a light grey paper as your background, you’ll want to avoid a light grey top however dark grey would work.


Examples of patterns and color combinations that work


• For jewelry, think classic.  Nothing too decorative or large as we want the attention to be on you not your bling.
• If you wear glasses, clean them right before you come into your portrait session.  If you’re wondering whether or not to wear them, consider how people are used to seeing you: with or without.
• If going with the clean shaven look, get that razor ready just before your session.  Facial hair can be visible just within a few hours of shaving.


• Avoid excessive make-up.  We want to see the real you.
• Heads-up: everyone gets a quick powder to decrease shine once you’re on set.  If you’d like to use your own, bring it along.
• Remove any stray hairs from noses, eye brows, ears.  Tweezing is your friend.
• If your planning on coloring your hair, try to schedule this with a trim a week before your session so the color can settle.
• Be nice to yourself.  If you partake, avoid alcohol for several days before your session, get a good night’s sleep and remember to hydrate.  Doing these things will help prevent under-eye bags and keep your skin looking smooth.
• Have a blemish?  Have no fear.  We have Photoshop for that.
The last thought…..I admit, I am not a fan of having my photo taken so I totally empathize if you too, are not a fan. But there really is no need to worry as it does not need to be a painful experience. In fact, the key is to make it fun and how we approach this together is probably the most important factor in making a professional, approachable and authentic portrait. So, just run with the tips provided and then you can relax and let us work our magic!