Just this past week, I was asked by William Blair, a Chicago-based investment banking and asset management firm, to be their lead event photographer covering their groundbreaking ceremony for their new corporate headquarters that will be opening in 2015 along the Chicago River.

A few days prior, we had had met for the location scout where, along with the video crew and marketing team, we determined the best place to set up for filming and catching the essential still shots of the WB executives and Chicago politicians including the Mayor, Rahm Emanuel.  In addition to the employees of William Blair, the Mayor and his staff, there would be an additional 90 people in attendance not to mention camera crews from every newspaper, local magazine and TV station throughout Chicago.

Oh, to be a photojournalist.  It’s certainly different from what I do on a daily basis.  Granted, I sometimes need to work with my subjects’ to make them more comfortable in front of the camera but this was more of a battle between photographers to get that perfect shot.  Every move I made, there was someone on top of me, looking for the best angle and we are all, in tandem, following the Mayor as he made his way through the crowd.  At some point, as polite as you might try to be, manners get left behind and everyone is on the same page as we are all trying to accomplish the same thing so let the best photographer win.  Hats off to those who do this day in and day out!