For corporate photographers, the rule is, if you are looking for a few assignments to come in,  just schedule a vacation and you’ll be swamped through the time you are about to head out the door.  Such was the case with this past week when we visited Oak Street Health for two days to shoot all the bells and whistles.

As they have been in the process of revising their website and developing new collateral pieces, they were looking to replace the stock photography they have been relying on with custom images that captured all of the benefits they offer.  The concept behind Oak Street Health is pretty brilliant.  They not only provide comprehensive patient care for seniors on Medicare but also do dental exams and cleanings, have a ride service to get their patients to and from the clinic, an on-site pharmacy is in the works and they also put on various events in their community rooms that range from exercise classes to quilting as well as internet basics.

Trying to fit in all of the shots we needed while working around the Doctors’ schedules was definitely challenging but having worked extensively with Julia Willis in advance and really nailing down the absolute “must have” images, allowed us to prioritize and adapt to the limited timing we did have with physicians.

Admittedly, my favorite part of the day was working with the seniors.  They were so incredibly patient and even better yet, although they had never been a part of a commercial photo shoot before, they were some of the best talent I’ve worked with to date.  They took direction easily, were incredibly friendly, equally funny and certainly didn’t mind playing it up for the camera.  Who knew BINGO could look so good?

This was an awesome way to be sent off for a much needed breather.  Thanks to Julia, AnnaMary, Tony, Andrew, our fabulous doctors and awesome patients and of course, my buddy Whitney.