A successful photography session must include communication and organization. Regardless of the style or theme, most commercial photographers can adapt according to a client’s needs. For larger shoots, the demand for details increases, and the need for organization and logistics increases as well. Clients love a versatile, prepared photographer that can handle their requests.

Meet up with your photographer before the session, in person or via internet, but work together to get a clear understanding of the goal. Have a list of  questions, and obtain as much information as you can; use this information to make a shot list. The goal is to ensure that we produce beyond your expectations and to make this possible, it helps to:

  1. Create an outline of the overall plan. Visualize the end result.  If possible, ask for a sketch or a well written description of the photos you need to see.
  2. Think about the variations like color change, location, angle, and lighting. Consider a few options so that you have multiple options from which to choose.
  3. Ask about the wardrobe! You may need a stylist to help with the clothing. Whether it needs to adapt to the scenery or change, a stylist will know how to match the wardrobe styling the theme of the shoot.
  4. Confirm. Confirm. Confirm.